Scream Above the Sounds
2018-04-27 09:43:13 (UTC)

Fit body, fit mind

Being a big wrestling fan, it's astonishing that I haven't checked it out sooner. What I'm talking about is DDP Yoga, which is a fitness program developed by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

I've always read about it and kept tabs on it and the history of it. It has done some incredible things and I am not exaggerating when I say, it has saved lives. There is a documentary on former wrestler, Jake the Snake Roberts and how it turned his life around. I'm also going to leave a link below about a guy called Arthur. It's an incredible video and I actually cried the first time I watched it. I'm not much of a crier but it was amazing to watch.

I've been thinking about getting fit for the past couple of weeks and have discussed going to a gym with a friend but I think my anxiety would be too bad for something like that. I'd just be too embarrassed and make a fool of myself. I decided to do some research on DDP Yoga and I decided to purchase it and get the app about three hours ago. I've just finished 12 of the beginners work outs. I'm exhausted. My legs have taken such a beating. I never really did any fitness prior to this besides playing football. I'm going to do those 12 work outs every day for the next week and then move on to some of the harder stuff.

There's something very reassuring about watching Diamond Dallas Page on the TV or my phone as he explains what to do and more importantly, why you're doing it. It's advised to invest in a heart rate monitor so I can see and how hard I'm working or if i'm not working hard enough. I think I'll probably do that. I have no doubt that if I continue to do this I will see significant changes and hopefully be a bit happier and more confident with myself.

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!



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