always wth love

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2018-04-26 13:08:01 (UTC)

See You Soon

Less than in "24" hours it be my birthday, So i thought i should write this out fast possible. So this last day that will be writing for while because there's so much i wont able go on, i thought and thought some more. His Girlfriend will go dark till she graduates she might be back on, who knows! So dont worry that am not going completely disappear i just need growth really,. I thought myself and my close friends that picked up me during my life so far. To take a break and just enjoy my life with my mom and my boyfriend for while. I do hope you pray with me to wish me luck with finals are so damn so close. I will miss you so much. Thanks You for helping me out so much. Well i need to go now still a lot stuff to do before the spring semester is over. Soon it will be in the summer so enjoy it.
His Girlfriend
Seeing my bae in two weeks and i will enjoying though days and just laughing w/o No Drama or B.S.