Do Not Disturb

2018-04-25 17:23:42 (UTC)

I said it's okay

Dishon keeps apologizing to me about what happened last night when I told him it was okay. It's not but I'll get over it. Hopefully. I guess. Told Marquis that I just want to be friends he's the one who assumed that we were together but I just went with it but I just couldn't take it anymore. He was starting to be a bit controlling Even when he says he's not. He asked for a picture wanted to know what I was wearing every single day and when I tell him I didn't feel like it he still ask. It's just as if, he won't give up. I like him I do but I also like Dishon but after what happened last night I'm not so sure but then again I couldn't stay mad at the guy forever. Still planning on going to the movies as it was said. Hopefully. He owes me and BIG TIME. But his looks I just can't seem to resist. His personality. His EVERYTHING!!! Suprised he would even consider talking to me, I wouldn't. He's HOT. I'm not. I'm... an average. Wow! Is their anything else I talk about other than, guys. Lol. It's as if, my life revolves only around them. But I'm trying not to be. Theirs this job career at the casino on May 02nd and you bet you're a** I'm going. I'm tired of being lazy it's getting boring and I don't do boring. That's a first. All I know how to do is be on my device, eat, sleep, lay down you know the usual. and also watch tv but all that will soon be over once I have a job.

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