Do Not Disturb

2018-04-24 05:05:39 (UTC)

And I Need It Now!

This is the main reason of me needing a phone but then again it's my fault that I lost it and so now I have nothing but this tablet that is my mom's sadly to say until my mom actually gives me a phone. She says that she will check and see but that I doubt it. And then as soon as I'm on the tablet ( the one I am on right now that cost money because she decides to have turned on the data) that is uhers she tells me not to get on it for ANY reason except Facebook ( and of coarse I denied because I have serious addiction to social media and that my friend isn't healthy at all) not even my online diary. I meant to delete my account off of her broken messed up phone that seems to be working but the only thing I did that I deleted was messenger and not my gmail because that is the ONLY easy way I can go through my online diary ( besides log in password) and the last time I recall her reading my diary word from word and screenshot but happy to say I deleted it she says she won't do such a thing but I doubt it so this time I have be EXTRA careful. I can't trust anyone with anything especially something as important as my online diary. 24 followers that's a lot and I wouldn't think anyone would actually well is willing to read my not so exciting, happy depressing but sad in most entries diary. And the last time my mom read my diary I deleted the screenshots she did and she asked why I deleted them when she knew why and I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. This time that will NOT happen. I can NEVER have ANY privacy. Everyone knocks on my door except for my brother and sometimes they don't and do they ever close the door behind them. I'm always having to get up and close it. It's not that hard. Mom also told me that when her and dad went to court he read my journal from 6th grade the pink sparkly one with the lock ( and that which will remain in the storage forever as long with the others which should've been kept) I can't write my thoughts down for nothing but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop writing. 8 years well 9 years I've been doing so I've been writing this book that I've been lacking on but ONLY stopped at the second chapter so much work but if, I wanna be a writer then, I will have to start from somewhere. Theirs lots other romance books, stories that I have in mind that I would like to write about:

1) Love At First Sight
2). Love Letters
3). When we first met
4). Obsessed

And then theirs my poetry book that I have on wattpad " Tears of Sorrow" and my horror book " The Attic". They just keep coming and coming. I mean that's what a writer suppose to do write stories. Hopefully my books will become famous enough to become a bestseller but it won't hurt enough to at least try. I called him knowing that he still at work but he manages to pick up anyways but only for a few minutes then he said he will "call me back". I heard him joking around I guess you can call it friends or co-workers. I meant to call him on his break but I fell asleep. And for some reason every word that comes out of his mouth... my mouth... always makes me nervous inside. I've always been nervous well, only around him but that I will have to get use too. He mentioned that he gets off at 4:30 p.m. and that just maybe just maybe he's able to see me. I need to see him. Ever since that date night or,whatever you call it I've been thinking about him and only him. Hope to get a phone very soon. Hope to get a job very soon. At least before summer starts and the problem is is that it's starting to feel like summer with a bit of a cool breeze.

Write more as soon as possible


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