Do Not Disturb

2018-04-20 16:39:17 (UTC)

Desperate much

Ever since my ex broke up with me I've been wanting to talk to guys to get him off my mind. I still think about him every noe and them and if we was still to get back together again a part of me would want too.
Guys been constantly sending me friend request and texting me I mean I'm no different than, any other. And I feel as if, he only wants to use me for my body. You know the typical thing that boys do to get a girl. And just to dump them into waste. Like a garbage disposal and that is not what I am to be. Their is this book festival that I'd like to go to tomorrow morning and it's a great opportunity for me because I'm a soon to be writer. Part of me has forgot about him and part of me hasn't. Does he still think of me the way that I some times think of him. Maybe my mom is right. Maybe I'm moving on to fast. Guys have been a real pain in my ass from the start. My ex texted me out of the blue you know C and the only reason was because he saw that I was single and out of the relationship and he to thinks that he would try to get with me once again but that will never happen and besides he's to controlling. I hope that changes for him. I started talking to this guy name A he's white 18 years old. He's far. Has a job. Another guy he's mexican still is enrolled in school. He's ....okay looking. His name is Louis. Then, theirs the guy that speaks both spanish and English and his eyes are just something I would stare at for hours. Their that pretty. Both lives in the exact same area as me. So,maybe that one day of us meeting each other will happen. I hope I don't sound like a creep. I once told him that he has pretty eyes and that he was cute. He replies with thanks. He's better looking than, any of my ex's that I've dated and liked if, you ask me. Don't give me wrong I like getting my nails done and everything not as much as I use to but it can be a work in progress. I doubt we will ever see each other anytime soon like he says. But you can't believe anything a guy says. Am I right?

Write more as soon as possible


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