Do Not Disturb

2018-04-19 01:04:58 (UTC)

Today could've gone better

Are brothers always this irritating? Or is it just me? Mine on the other hand is just...Wow! I have no words to say except...Wow! He's annoying when he tries to be and that's because he is... Loud,obnoxious, irritating, talk all day of a brother. I get he's my brother and all but just I can't believe he's my brother. I guess I'm not doing the music business after. He's such an asshole. The so-called producer Who cares? Their are lots of other opportunities. And when that day comes it will be the happiest day of my life. M wants to take me out this weekend or next. I asked if, we could go to the movies he responded with saying yea we could do that. My mom friend says that she will set me up on a date but the problem is I'm very picky. I like a guy who's honest, nice, sweet ect.., on ur you don't find to many of that around here now do you, No. You don't. This guy texted me from Facebook as usual I lurked his page.... He looks mexican... He's okay. He says he would like to get to know me so, I say why not I'm single. We use to go to the same school. I believe I seen him around before. He seems like a nice guy....So far. I'm still kind of into Marquis Me and him been talking and chatting...Video chatting for who knows how long. I feel like I can talk to him about anything. But all I have to do is meet him in person and he lives and hour away from me and that is good news to my ears. My head hurts. My brother makes me want to choke him to death but I'm not the type of person to do that. Or to even fight him. I'm just gonna ignore him that's the best thing to do before something bad happens. I'm stressed out because I let him get to me. I let everyone get to me bcause I'm nothing but sensitive and people see that. That's why I'm an easy target. No one understands me except...Well me. I'm getting fat and I hate it. I've been eating more than, I expect myself to eat. I skip brewkfast and lunch and ewt dinner. Today we had taco salad for dinner but only one plate because I don't wanna feel fat and I feel fat every time I eat and sometimes I don't even wanna eat but I know my mom will say so. I need to start back exercising I've been lacking. A lot lately. I've been doing nothing but eating and being lazy. Theirs this job thing at a casino and I'm going. And I will be able to have money for myself and no one else. First thing first buying me a bed. Cleaned up around the house and helped my mom cooked a bit. Other than, that my day could've gone better....

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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