Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-04-19 01:24:19 (UTC)


1:30am, just got back from a midnight driving session with my best friend. Man, that was challenging. The first hour, taking everything in was really overwhelming. It looks so easy when you're just in the car with somebody but doing it yourself was no easy task, for me anyway! It doesn't help that I have long legs and it took me a while to get comfortable in the seat and with the pedals, haha.

We just drove around an empty car park for about three hours after he taught me the basics. It was really fun! Took me a while to wrap my head around the clutch and stuff but when I was actually driving. It felt great. We stuck my playlist on and we had a laugh. I didn't feel stressed or worried at all. Maybe a bit disheartened by the car stalling on me, god knows how many times but it's all practice. I'm a bit too heavy handed, just generally speaking. It was difficult to try and keep the acceleration at a good and comfortable level for me but I did get there in time. We did a routine in the car park of me stopping and starting. Different gears, reversing etc. I'm really impressed and proud of myself. I didn't expect to do half as well as what I did. The thought of pursuing it further and applying everything he taught me in "the real world" and motorways and the like is very frightening but I probably should give it a shot.