Do Not Disturb

2018-04-17 04:06:39 (UTC)

Feeling Feelings

Wow! No time no see... I'm finally able to do something with MY music. I met a producer and he's willing to work with me tomorrow morning. It took forever for my mom to say yes and well she did.... So, yay me. On that other note, me and Marquis are still talking. Theirs this guy that I met a while back on Meetme and turns out he has Facebook as well he is 21 years of age and...OMG...OMG...OMG...He is the definition of FINE and he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and yes maybe I stalked his page more like lurked his page....
I mean c'mon...How can you not???. He must have all the lady's drooling over him. He says he does but never have he pays them any mind (that's a lie) also wonder why he would text a girl like me and he said that I was beautiful and that WE live in the same area. He also told me how I have beautiful eyes. I don't see it and oh get this he also speaks spanish and that is even more HOT... But I'm siked to be finally working on something and instead of sitting around doing nothing all day every day like I normally do. Happy me... happy me... happy me... Oh and don't worry...It's not like I'm gonna fall in love with the guy....

Write more as soon as possible


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