2018-04-16 15:59:54 (UTC)

Race to break the news

This weekend was race weekend. Lauren’s parents stays at our place every spring and fall. For both the spring race and the fall race in Bristol. Lauren received free race tickets that were worth $103 each which she tried to sell but no one wanted to buy it. The race was rained on like crazy. No one enjoyed the race because of the thunderstorm. Only Lauren’s dad goes to the race and the girls go out shopping and bowling, etc.

Well, I stayed home to watch my 2 nephews. (Lana had an appointment in NC) Lauren and her mom went out. They bought me some things for my birthday. Make-up and a power Jig-Saw to add to my workshop. I’m actually pretty excited to cut more wood and build new things.

Lauren’s dad left the race early because it was just getting rained on so much. When they made it back to the house, Lauren’s parents decided that they were going to just go home. Before the left, Lauren decided to break the news to them. She told them we were getting married. I could see the worry in her face. Lauren’s dad said that he loves us no matter what and that it was our lives so we can do what we want. Lauren’s mom said that it is a sin in God’s eyes so if we want to keep living in sin, it is our choice but she still loves us.

Lauren cried for a while after they left. She’s glad that her parents still loves us but is upset the they still see it as an abomination. She is relieved that she finally told them though.