deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2018-04-15 08:36:08 (UTC)

Am Here

Looks like another miss :(

I was making time this morning , but was going to have to leave early (as you will be arriving).

I do miss you so very much and its painful to be apart. I need My slut and hopefully weekend after next we are back on schedule!

Master Loves you!

We tried and i guess that's what matters. The weekend of the 27th we are going to the inn that we like in the White Mountains. He suggested a little getaway now that stuff with dad is over and before i get crazy busy for 6-8 weeks with three classes.
Maybe we should find a weekday evening or two to get us through April!
Miss You....
It looks as though You haven't seen this message about a weeknight rendez-vous. i hope all is well and that You have a fun weekend away.

Checked in after return from trip. Would LOVE to see you, weeknight or whenever. I am having major withdrawal shakes from not seeing My slut! xoxoxoxo......................Let me know!