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2018-04-14 09:28:18 (UTC)

My Turn to Wait

"Mine" - Am very happy that you are working through grief and getting life back to as normal as it can be. I got unexepected guests last week as I was waiting for you and couldn't get back, and frankly didn't check Sunday because its so rare that you come then. I did wait for an hour and a half today from 9 to 10:30. I will try tomorrow, but sadly have to say that next weekend is a bust. I am going to a wedding out of town. I truly, truly miss you and can't wait to have you back in My arms again My slut!


i am SOOOO incredibly sorry about today. One of Matt's friends go some Red Sox tickets last minute for today (the game is at 1:00) and they all met here this morning, and guess who got commandeered to make them a nice breakfast? If You guessed the "wench" You'd be correct. i really didn't mind, but it obviously couldn't have happened at a worse time on a worse day! :-(
i will do my very very best tomorrow morning. It might be later than 9 (closer to 10?) but i will do my absolute best.
If you happen to get this i am now home alone! i will try to pop into Cass periodically the rest of the morning.