Scream Above the Sounds
2018-04-13 18:41:01 (UTC)


Woken up super late today, 6:30pm. That's usually the case for Friday and Saturday's when I work nights though.

So yeah, work tonight. Work is okay, I mean it's easy. It's good money. I'm just really fed up of nights, they've completely drained me. It doesn't help that my ex girlfriend works there on weekday nights too so people who know her and know me, well....they'll probably want to talk. About either one of us, it's just going to be awkward. I don't know if she's told people that we're over or what. I'm just not really going to say much. Hopefully I'll be on my own or with people who don't plan to ask intrusive questions.

So yeah, this entry is called "Plans" with good reasons behind it. This entry is named after the Death Cab for Cutie album, I'd advise checking it out if you're not familiar with them. If you are, listen to it anyway! They are really great. Probably in my top 5 bands of all time. They got me through some really tough stuff when I was a teenager. But, I actually have plans to do things. I'm really excited. My best friend is going to take me out and teach me how to drive on Monday, I'm really looking forward to that. Just hope I don't crash his car, haha. I've also got plans to get tattoos, a new job ASAP and maybe even start the gym if I can work up some confidence and stop being so insecure. Somebody I know from school is currently drawing stuff up for me for this tattoo. I want to get my left arm completely sleeved. It's like a space/astro theme. I'll do another entry sometime with links to what I'm looking at getting. I gotta get ready for work.