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2018-04-09 23:22:20 (UTC)

Am I Moving On To Fast?

It's only been a few days and I already feel as if, I'm moving on to fast. I mean that's what you're suppose to do right. Move on. Even though he's blocked I still think about him and it hurts I really loved him and still do. I wonder if, he does too. Probably not after the horrible things that I've done to him. He will never forgive nor forget. On another note, Ethan wants to hang out this week but doubt that will happen either. Its just it's been a while. He says he wants to see me as much as I want to see him. It will be good to see his face again. Its been a while you know. Marquis claims that he "loves me" as well as I don't see why. I'm a screw up. Me and him text more than me and Ethan have ever did but that's only because he has a job but Marquis does as well he told me that his job isn't as strict on cell phones. He texts me, we talk on the phone, he cares, ect..... Then, Ethan well he says he "loves me" but never I once hear him say I had to get him to say it. Where else Marquis says it but I never respond to it I always avoid it. I have a bit of a feelings for him. I've known Ethan for as long as I can remember. Since, we were little kids as many times as I said that in this diary. Maybe hanging out with him again won't be to bad. He works. A lot. So, does the other but he has time to text me. Eh. I'm honestly glad I'm single. I need a break from this relationship mess of a drama thing anyways. Still writing my book "Love At First Sight" on my Wattpad. Its not like I'm gonna get the thing published it's just something I enjoy doing. I still miss my ex. I messed it up. He broke up with me. Wish it didn't happen. Maybe when I hang out with Ethan this week I will forget all about him. You can say that me and Marquis are very close friends. It's good to have a guy friend who understands. I hope he does.

Write more as soon as possible


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