Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-04-09 17:32:21 (UTC)


Man, my body clock is so messed up. WrestleMania last night didn't do me any favours. I can remember my Dad coming into my room at 7am like "What the hell are you still doing up?!" as he was getting ready for work. I feel pretty grim today.

It feels like a wasted day knowing it's already 5:30pm but the nights are more like days for me anyway.

Today, tonight, whatever we're labelling it as, will consist of escapes and escapism. I'm a prisoner to my mind and it can be incredibly hard to find peace, even just for an hour. I feel shackled and condemned to play out several scenarios in my head that will just be my worst nightmare if they were ever to happen.

My best form of escape is playing Video Games. I can immerse myself in a storyline, get lost in a soundtrack and really make some connections with characters from the games. Playing games online with friends is also another popular option. Sadly none of my friends are around tonight which is what makes this increasingly tougher to deal with.

Listening to music is great too but so many songs just remind me of her. It's a blessing and a curse.

Maybe I'll just binge watch some Serial Killer/murder documentaries on Netflix. I feel like I should watch Breaking Bad again soon.

How do you escape?


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