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2018-04-06 13:32:50 (UTC)

We broke up

Well,it happened we broke up. Well he broke up with me and I was for sure that we were good. But I guess not. He told me how he doesn't feel the love anymore and that it wasn't me it was him and I just stopped him right their because I've heard it before. Too many if you ask me. I'm feeling a bit better after I cried my eyes out for like a good solid hour. My mom was generous enough to give me the rest of her wings from the leftovers last night for lunch . I had KFC for dinner but I'm kinda getting sick and tired of it but never will I ever with Zaxby's. I talked to Nathan he seemed to be in a bad mood early this morning. I tried calling him but it said he was in a call with somone else and then he brought up bout the guy that I use to date. I told him we broke up. It still hurts yes. But I'm trying to move on. Finally going to see Midnight Sun tomorrow in theaters. Make sure I bring a box of tissue lol. I've always wanted to be able to see it but never gotten to but this time my mom is taking me to see it. I couldn't go with my dad this weekend because I was spending to much time with my ex when they planned a trip without me and I felt some type of way and I told him that but it never changed his mind. Something to deal with the whole money situation. But it's okay. I guess. I bet he's done already moved on. Just to much reminds me of him and it hurts so much. I'm not even sure if, I'm done crying or not. We had sex. I gave myself to him. But it just wasn't right. He told me ever since the whole situation happened he didn't feel the love anymore and he would only say it in text not call. He claimed that he was in a call with his brother but I doubt it. I guess its for the best. If its meant to be then its meant to be. But right now as of the looks of it...Not so much and that I'm okay with. Just spent the whole night texting this guy lets called him Jay. He told me that he " loved me". I didn't say it back as I just gotten out of a relationship. I admit I done had feelings for him but not that type of feelings. I don't know. All I know is that I'm a very confusing person. And that is the honest truth. I have trust issues. Hell, I couldn't even trust myself if, I didn't want too. I kinda feel better after writing it all down my "feelings". Well, this is all I have for now I hope.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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