Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-04-06 00:54:23 (UTC)

My Dear Melancholy,

It's 2am and I haven't slept since the first entrant but I'm going to be pretty busy today as I transition back into my parents home so it's probably best to make a start on this now. As I sit here with The Weeknd's new album playing, some Desperado's and a beer I'm not familiar with,

Arsenal won last night which is great news. We could have scored more but 4-1 is a great result for us. I'm really happy for them and think we have a good chance at winning the Europa League. No doubt we'll draw Atletico in the next round but to be the best, you have to beat the best right? We can only play what's in front of us and give it our all.

I haven't had much company throughout the night besides a few games of FIFA with my friend Aaron, and a chat with Nikita, somebody who I raided on WoW with for a few months. We talked about my ongoing problems, Final Fantasy XIV, what TV shows she could watch on Netflix (I suggested Dexter), what she was up to in WoW currently and me returning back to my parents. Shes a nice girl, she did well to try and cheer me up. We aren't very close so I really appreciate her listening to my problems.

My Mum told me earlier today that I can't have my old bedroom back as my sister is currently in it but has assured me she plans to move out with her new boyfriend soon. So for the time being I have to go into the spare room which is pretty small, it's a room we've never ever made any use of. It has an airing cupboard in there and was filled with two or three other cupboards that was filled with god-knows-who's clothes. The room was just a mess. The room is so small that I have to go back to using a single bed, or "prison bed" as it was nicknamed, which is laughable at the age of 27, but it is what it is.

The thought of packing my stuff and moving back tomorrow fills me with so many different kinds of emotions, none of them good.


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