wet blanket
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2018-04-04 12:13:33 (UTC)

We spend our whole lives telling ..

We spend our whole lives telling ourselves to WAKE UP. BE THERE.
But you need to allow yourself to have time to be lazy and sleep and do nothing so when those moments (which should be every day) where you should be in the moment arise you can do so.
I get so frustrated with myself that i feel like i'm constantly on auto pilot. But it's hard. It's hard being grateful and aware of how lucky you are all the time.. if at all.
I know that sounds bad but just because i am born into privilege doesn't mean i'm not allowed to have emotions.
I want to be better trust me.
Why can't I ever be satisfied. I can be happy, I am happy. But satisfaction? that's so much harder. Being good enough at something? fitness? eating healthy? saving money? making friends? being confident?
Such typical things but... I'll never be satisfied with how I am at those things. I'm not sure I'm textualising what I'm thinking properly.

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