Do Not Disturb

2018-04-02 22:26:14 (UTC)


So, he finally decides to call today on his own time. It was around one when he decides to call saying that he just "woke up". Whatever. We didn't talk for that much as he had plans to spend ti me with his family the same way as I'm doing with mine. I was shocked that he answered. He also said how he was handling "family business ". I mean what family business could possibly be doing. I tried talking to him about him not answering my texts but he wouldn't budge. All he kept saying was that I do this every time. I mean it wouldn't be a problem if, he just answer his damn texts. Wow! I sound controlling. Oh well. And I admit I was pissed when he never responded to my calls or texts. He told me how it was only one day. So what if it was one day. Ughhh!! Finally he's here but not here with me.

Few minutes later: Apparently he as in my brother has gotten a really bad chest pain and we had to eventually rush him to the hospital he's doing...Alright ig... I hope he's okay... He made it home safe ( my boyfriend). Currently at the hospital. Pray for us. Pray for him💙.....

Write more as soon as possible

Sincerely ,

The Forgotten One

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