Do Not Disturb

2018-03-31 21:43:44 (UTC)

You Got Me Stressed Out

Well, we finally got to talk as to why he wasn't answering any of my calls last night. He ended up calling me at three in the morning. I mean who calls at three in the morning. Oh and just a reminder I called him and I just think it's bullshit that whenever I call him no answer but he expects me to call him when he calls me on his time. I mean don't give me wrong I do love him and all and I get the fact that we spend pretty much everyday together but do you ever have the decency to check on me once in a while and that he never did except for that one time today that I had called him. I'm sick and tired of waiting. And so I just won't. At least he will be back tomorrow evening. So, that's good news to my ears. Right? Gosh I miss him. As I said before I blocked both Nathan and as well as Isaiah from both Facebook and Instagram as well as Daniel. I just got tired of the way they have been treating me lately. The way everyone has been treating me. Texted Jeremy but mainly because I was bored and I just needed someone to talk to since, my boyfriend was out of the question and hanging with "The Fam" and by that I mean his cousin. That's what he calls him. The evening that we talked was when he told me that they were heading out to go fishing. My whole life has been a total waste. Still not in college. Still haven't taken the ACT. Nor do I have a job and still a NO PHONE. Karma is heading my way and it's here to destroy what is mine. So, far everything that has happened to me has been either broken or just worsened. I miss him. I've never been this bored especially without him.... My boyfriend.

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The Forgotten One

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