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2018-03-30 12:40:08 (UTC)

Joyride edition : Miss My Bae and Being wth Sis Tommorrow

March 30, 2018
Its been while talk about Tinashe, she has been one of favorites singers for a while now. So in two weeks she drops Joyride on April 13 her second album of this year. Am excited about that its been so long wait that was 2014. The songs that I like are: No Drama, Faded Love, Me So Bad In that time drops several sorts of mix tapes. So you say that am a flirt with my bae, and I really enjoy it better when we are close and not so damn far way. But, hey! Its long distance relationship its totally worth it because am better when am with my bae. So far am trying pull through my struggles to just enjoy with my bae. Tomorrow am spending time with my sis I haven't seen in months it would be a blast its worth the late nights being a college student. See guys later.
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