Do Not Disturb

2018-03-30 03:51:49 (UTC)

I'm Just Done

Today is his birthday ( well yesterday). Leny's birthday. I wished happy birthday through Facebook and that was that. Sent him messages and messages but never have he ever responded. I mean how can the guy call me beautiful and say he " he likes me likes me" to wanting to just be "friends". Maybe all he said was a lie just to make me feel good about myself. He never liked me. I don't know why I even care so much about him..... About this.... When I got a whole nother boyfriend that knows that I'm beautiful and LOVES me. Unlike some people. And by that I mean him....Leny. I fell for the guy to easily and hard them got rejected to him wanting to be friends so easily. Maybe its a good thing. I mean I'm happy with my boyfriend. I couldn't care less for him being with another girl that's not me. He doesn't like me in that way. Why and how I know? Because he made it perfectly clear of him NOT having feelings for me through texts. Why do guys have to say things through texts? The only reason is because they know damn well it'll hurt our feelings. Leny is a JERK for not "liking" me back or "feeling the same way". But that I don't care about anymore. But they'll regret it....They always do. I'm just... Done and with everything even with wanting to be his friend. Have I even had a friend to begin with? Hell no. Oh God, I'm starting to sound like Daniel and don't get me started on him. Should I I block him and see how it goes ( and by him I mean Leny ) ? Or stay being "friends" and see how things goes. I don't know but for now we're just better of as "friends". At least to him. I thought about blocking him that way I will be able to forget all about him and won't have to constantly text him with my bullshit negative texting. It's not like he responds back and when he's online as of Facebook and not only including Instagram NEVER have he ever responds to any of my messages when I text him and when he text me it's only when he has time on his hands and that he usually does. And that only time he did was today but earlier. I'm just gonna accept the fact that he just wants to be "friends"and nothing more. His words. I asked well,text to see if,we can talk on the phone but didn't get a text back and so I say.... FUCK IT!!!!! No matter how bad I wanted to text him. My supposedly "FRIEND"!!! I'm talking so much about him when I have a boyfriend to handle. He have never texted me back nor called me back ever since his phone died and when he did it wasn't that long of a talk since, it was through text and he didn't text after that because he didn't and I quote "have anything to say". He never does.

Few minutes : Oh FUCK it, I'll just call him myself.....And he's in another call. I'm a very impatient person okay. Don't judge. But who he is in a call with. Probably one of his "lady friends". But never he never has the decency of wanting to be on the phone with me and wanting to talk to me. But I guess that's what I get for being "DIFFERENT".

Write more as soon as possible


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