Do Not Disturb

2018-03-29 00:52:01 (UTC)


He's gone... I'm here... So lonely.... Well the good news is is that at least we had sex it was amazing... As usual. I'll try to not even attempt on texting him. Tried texting my "friend" yea I guess you can call him that he answered... But only short text answers. He has the nerve to post anything and almost everything on Facebook all for mostly last night but never have he ever have time to respond to my messages and like I said even when he does it be short and cutt off because he's always "busy". So, I will respect his business... And that is by not textkng him besides it's not like he's ever going to actually respond back because he never usually does... Barely. As far as today it had gone well I suppose ( Why am I talking like this I have no idea? ) I want him to text me back without it being so obvious. And that does not look good on me. Saw a really cute Weiner dog at a thrift store by it's owner. I tried to pet it but only for a while it looked terrified and shakiefied ( yes that is a word at least to me, hey I'm weird like that). Spent most of my day with Grams she knew the lady dropped her off at the nearest dollar tree ( right around the corner from our house kind of dollar tree right down the street). She talked so much even more than me and she could never even shutup about the situation that she was talking about that no one was really listening to and by no one I mean me. I hate to come up off as rude but just... Omg!!!! Filled out loads of job applications and by loads I mean a possible of 3 application. But it's a start. But anyways I'll keep you updated on the latest gossip. Wow! I feel like a journalist already.... Yeahhh.... Not really... 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

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