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2018-03-23 08:05:03 (UTC)

Spring Break edition part 3

March 23, 2018
This is last entry for my break am going talk about something's that I never say. I want to elope with my bae and I will explain by reason why that I want do this hopefully after getting stable in universality. I don't want have people controlling my day with my bae. I have been with my bae for while lately I have been overthinking that leads to miscommunication and I almost did something so stupid over it. How do you fix miscommunication over long distance because it happened a few times and didn't figure out how to recovery from it? Am asking because I don't want feel confused again. When I say a elope I want be very close and simple what I wear that's basically truly care for. I haven't really thought about marriage for some months because its hard with my classes therefore I still want be that girl who really wants to beautiful for herself without other people opinions. To cloud my vision who do I want to become as young woman. I just don't want deal with details and decisions making its so expensive. I know I wont regret eloping because I would be one would be happy. So I'm going to tell you my story about "Alien". When was little I was on the road a lot and whenever I was in car and saw an balloon in the air they would say that's your Alien friend they would laugh and I would too. When I was little had imagery friend name Johnny. Oh yeah my favorite shows are coming back and ending too. I forget to mention grown-ish that's ends next week as for coming back Star and Rosanna. So next week will be busy excepted for one day. I had made some progress with art professor am closer to an B now that's brings my sprits up. So much that want do with my bae this summer and want really enjoy every hour with him. I'm praying to God to help accomplish my goals and live with my bae hopefully soon. I see you guys later maybe in the summer if not, I wont be long for too long.
Bye for now, His Girlfriend