Do Not Disturb

2018-03-23 07:09:57 (UTC)

Uh Oh!

I should've known this was coming as soon as I started falling for him he's starting to develope... Feelings for me. This is to soon. Too soon. But all we are is just friends because I have a boyfriend and my boyfriend is okay with me texting other guys dependinf on what we're talking about and the only guy that I talk to him. He doesn't even be on his phonw that much anyways he's always busy. But when we do get a chance to talk we do. He knows that I have a boyfriend and we are just friends and nothing more than just friends. So turns out that we're going to his hometown affer all starting tomorrow morning ( which is today as the time is 2:13 AM). But tbh I like talking to him I can talk to him abour anything... Almost anything. I hope we can stay friends forever. Goodnight.

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