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2018-03-22 23:15:23 (UTC)

I Am Not A Bully

You knoe how I said I blocked Darian but that's only because he blamed me for the stuff that I didn't do. Okay so what if I wanted to make him feel as bad as what he made me feel that doesn't mean anything. He called me spoiled and that I am not spoiled. And I also don't get mad essily. And I'm not using my period as an excuse to determine my mood swongs because I have been dping that a lot lately. He also says that I'm a " bully" and I am NOT a bully. You should've seen the way he was ignoring me. He deserved it. Didnt he? I'm not the type of person to be in a situation like this but no worries when I get to college this will all blow over. Maybe he deserved to stay on block. He never cared so why should I. He told me himself that he never wanted to text me in the first amd only because of various reasons. So, I think he deserves to stay on block and its not like he's gonna ever come back. His words.... Not mine. He's all the way in Hawaii its not like I'm gonna chase the guy and tell him how I really feel abiut him. It just won't work. I just need a break from him and apparently he does from me because he blocked me. Anyways, I hope he's able to come today. Its been 2 days that he has not shown up but business is always getting in the way but its fine. I'm fine at least I'm able to see him this weekend of not today nor tomorrow. I'm fine with being at the house ans by myself.

Few Minutes Later: I gave him head. For the first time in like forever. And the only reason was because he wanted me to also because I've had to many memories in the past about giving head to my past relationships with guys but he was gentle... and their was no push further (if you know what I mean) and then the next minute you know....BOOM! I started to feel very horny and been ever since my period started but the only thing we did was you know the touchy touchy kind of thing because as you may know my period is still on and only because I'm taking birth control pills and it seems to be working well and that I am thankful for. So he's gone and now I feel terrible about what happened today between me and him. I made a friend he's a guy but that's all we're gonna ever be. I've been stressed out a lot lately and this diary seems to be helping a lot. Glad I started writing.

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