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2018-03-20 12:15:00 (UTC)

Our First REAL conversation

Yesterday night was probably one of the FIRST REAL conversations we've ever had. And I loved it. Not with Daniel but with Derrick. He actually opened up on how he felt about me... Well, not exactly but its a work in progress. I mean yes we've done things in the past but that was the past and besides he's family and I know its wrong to like him especially considering that he's my you know stepbrother and all. I guess he still is since his sister and my dad are now divorced. But that doesn't mean that we can't stop talking. He's currently in the army. I miss him actually. He shared me one of his poems and told me to not tell anyone. I'm not to big on secrets but this one I will keep. I never seen this side of him before. Its nice. But I never knew how he actually felt about me with the yes or no question. I shared him two of my poems and I have been writing poems lately like I said in one of my previous entries. It helps at least for me. Now that I can't sleep. Well, I will at least try and go to sleep. As it is now 7:20 AM. I've been having trouble sleeping lately and most of it is coming from me having an addiction to be on my phone so much. I need to stop. Its become a serious problem for me. Then theirs my boyfriend we didn't talk much last night it was just mostly him watching TV and playing the game besides its not like he didn't want to talk but just so you were wondering those were his exact words. So, I said fuck it. This whole period thing is giving me mood swings. I have mood swings without it. Just saying. My mom woke me up with a 98c 3 chocolate chip cookie and I ate two of them. One down to go. Then of coarse I got some milk to go with it. Well,back to sleep I go.

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