Do Not Disturb

2018-03-19 00:11:54 (UTC)

Too Much On My Mind

I have to much on my mind and its killing me. The only reason why I started this online diary is to vent out my feelings. So much has happened to me since this year. Everything is going by to fast and its almost summer. I don't have a job at least not yet. Me and bae are planning on going to do re mi karaoke but only I have the audacity to sing and him well not so much. I'm not being mean it's the honest truth but he tries and that I can't help but laugh. I also want to see Midnight Sun the romance movie of all time. But I can't seem to choose. I decided to go to karaoke but then again I'm having second thoughts on wanting to see Midnight Sun. I've been looking forward into seeing that movie. I might just go to see it and then wait and go to Do Re Mi karaoke another time. Ughhh!!! Choices Choices.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One