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2018-03-19 20:47:44 (UTC)

An Emotional Wreck

I've been emotional for these past few days and not only because of my period. Okay maybe it is. The worst thing about being a girl is having periods, stomach cramps on a daily, feeling bloated than usual. Its even worse when you're sneezing and/or laughing. Still waiting on my answer from him ( which I doubt will ever happen) . He has to leave earlier than usual something about another job. This sucks. I'm not selfish. Am I? I cried for the first time in days. It felt good. But only because my period was on. I cry until I feel nothing at all and that usually helps to take all the pain away. But only when I'm alone. I hate the way that my life has turned out to be. I know I have family and God but with friends not so sure on that part. Hope to make friends by the time I go to college. And that I hope is better than high school was ever was for me. And to be honest, I actually miss him and that is weird I must say but do he miss me or evem think about me the way that I think about him.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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