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2018-03-19 11:28:18 (UTC)

Spring Break edition part 2

Monday 19, 2018
So this entry of my break I will tell you about my boyfriend break, his was super simple and chilled and sadly I was bit hurt that he enjoyed his alone time; however, I see all his points of the matter. So yea college can bring boredom his taking less but I do understand why looking forward to the summer to be back home. Things that I overheard this weekend about my sis haven't mention her in a while, she doing well. She moved into another Apartment am happy for her. So on her birthday I text her my wishes along with my bf. So I was flirting with full speed ahead I wasn't fully stopping like I normally would and I explain it to my boyfriend yesterday. In the mist of my spring break I have accomplished major things with hours in my room that doesn't stop there its like I took that control. I finished half my assignments it feels great considering the bad luck that has shaped my spirit. Is it possibility to see the good that comes will be shattered at any moment. Yes to that I can surely say it has happened every semester her name is also Natalie for my sake I will give her another name Nana. Nana and I talks to me like something more than am truly capable of it helps so much for my benefit. Am really enjoying my spring break but I wished I could go somewhere fun, I have no really direction I want to be somewhere memorable I guess. Last Friday night had finished watching the season 2 of Jessica Jonas on Netflix, also found another show watch its called B: The Beginning its more a mystery show than anything else its an "Meh". Also catching up another show called Citrus its really good found it on Youtube. I hope everybody is ready for summer am looking for too, I actually want go to beach before it gets to hot that will be something to remember for me. This song that I found by Sabrina Carpenter is very good its called "Alien", I have a story of my own with the title , I might tell you in the part 3 so just look out for it. Look for the last entry from me this Friday it will be early considering the spring break edition will be over. See you guys then.