deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2018-03-16 17:09:24 (UTC)

Update.....Answered (Twice)

i just want to let You know that my dad has been moved to hospice. Its been a bad week and i have no idea how long this might go on.. Please have patience and know that i want to be with You i just don't know about this weekend or those ahead but i will always do my best. And if i recall you are away next weekend anyway.....

Never Never worry. Take care of your dad and know that I will be here when you get back.......
The fight is over. Dad passed Sunday night and is with mom again. Its been a busy and emotional week and its barely half over.
Anyway just wanted to let You know. Enjoy Your long weekend away and golf with Your dad. I have a few more long and emotional days to get through.