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2018-03-16 14:22:34 (UTC)

Spring Break edition part 1

March 16, 2018
Friday 2:23pm
So over my spring break is bit different because my boyfriend isn't around however that doesn't fully stop me. He will be home soon cant wait to spoil my boyfriend this time around. I have homework over my spring break isn't surprised, am used it. So have so much on my mind now sense I left campus yesterday evening, who I'm going to be after when I graduate soon than moved into universality. I say this because next month is crazy am happy because am closer to him. Over this week was a tunnel full anxiety to the point it came to much bare my body and get major migraines now I seriously thought it was headaches but completely wrong. So far this semester pulled me to the ocean and cannot breathe hopefully can tell you good enough... My English professor asked these questions that really makes non afraid how become as a young woman.
What does it mean to be "free?"
Can a person be "free" and yet "trapped/confined?"
Was there ever a time where you felt your freedoms were being infringed upon or taken away?
I will be back again for part 2