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me and my life
2018-03-14 18:50:25 (UTC)

Ask me how it feels to be helpless

Yes, ask me. How it feels to be helpless. Where no one is there to listen you, help you not even god is responding but asking you to just be patient and wait forever. He will just want to test yoir patience and faith in him. Are god slefish? I donno.
I donno why and when but sure he has powers to change anything. But he still sits there quietly and does nothing why so?
Life has knocked me down i got up, its knocked me again and again n i stood up again finally i got tired i dicided to stand but this time just for life to take me where it wants to. But i stood. I obeyed its command like slave and lost all pride n confidence
This is how i am feeling right now. Pheww.