Do Not Disturb

2018-03-14 18:37:35 (UTC)

Tired Much

It is currently 1:37 PM and I'm just now waking up. Tired much. My mom pratically called me out yesterday because I don't and I quote " have a job" and I have been looking but from her I guess apparently I'm not trying hard enough and its worse coming from her. She also says how lazy I have been and that all I do is lay down and eat. I need to get to a gym and ASAP and besides I will be taking m ACT very soon and I haven't studied at all. I've only looked through it about two or three times. I've only studied the reading portion because that was the most I had trouble in while in high school. As well as science. Math= Good. English is a working practice. History decent. I wanna at least make a 19 on the test ACT but I'm gonna shoot for a higher score. I mean this is Huntington college we are talking about and that you have to at least make a 19. The regular ACT score is a 21. I'm really looking forward to college.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One