Do Not Disturb

2018-03-14 00:20:53 (UTC)

Nothing To Say

I don't know what to say Because their is nothing to say... I'm all out for worse. #So bored
The only thing I've ever done today that was interesting is watched Jumanji for the firet time and it was hella funny and it was only funmy because The Rock and Kevin Heart( one of my favorite comedians besides Jeff Dunham) was in it. You can watch any type of movies and TV shows on this app called Showbox but you have to download it and it just continue to add more and more ( which is a good thing). Even my thoughts are boring... Just like my life. Wow! I need friends. And fast. But who cares about that( about the whole life thing not the friends... Okay you get the idea). Am I right? Huh... I guess I do have something to say. I'm still bummed out about not going with him this weekend but its a goos thing.... For me at. At least I won't see him. And that is just enough good news as it gets. And so from now on I will referr Erin as to him. Okay starting now. Two days in a row and I haven't seen him. Same situation. I'm fine. I'm fine. Okay that's a lie. I'm NOT fine. Never have. Never will be. I just pretend to br while only being in front of people I don't know so, they won't ask stupid questions like," Are you okay?" Like NO. NO I'M NOT OKAY.... NEVER HAVE. Now my mom's saying that I eat like I'm pregnant just because I wanted 2 hamburgers and she cooked 4 ... 2 for her and 2 for me she saved hers and I saved mines because of what she sakd. That really bothered me. I'm tired of people telling me thid. Makes me second guess myself. Do I really eat like I'm pregnant? I want to be skinny but not to skinny yoi know what I'm saying. I can't help the way I eat. I mean I can but a girl likes to est but I don't wanna eat to where the point I become FAT that's one of my worse nightmares. I'm already THICK enough as it is. And so I started doing 10 situps everyday. Morning and in the evening after I eat welk only after it digest and also 10 pushups and not just no regular girly kind of pushup... A REAL pushup. The boy way.

Anyways here are my favorute shows that I'm currently into at the moment :

1) Grownish
2) Being Mary Jane
3). Life Sentence ( New)
5) Rise ( New)
6) Jane The Virgin
7). Awkward
8). Friends
9). Supergirl
10). That 70s Show

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