Bex and the City
2018-03-13 20:51:34 (UTC)

YOu bought me a chocolate orange?

Achieved some really great things today. Made a cracking joke about maths, lent someone my calculator, and spent the next hour giving myself too much credit for it. Decided to be a kinder person.
Lucy was feeling like a butt cheek on a stick today, so I sent her some comforting texts and I'm sure that fixed her food poisoning problem. Sent her an email too but I don't think she's seen it yet.
Thought my highlight was blinding and I'd given myself a jawline but when I looked in the mirror this evening I looked like a raw kebab. I'm gonna try blending tomorrow.
Tried to sing from my heart but Liz told me I was ruining her crime drama. Got pissy and left and the room. Resolved when I made a crockery pun.
Lucy called at 7:44 and it lasted 45 minutes. She talked about around 4 men tonight (3 of them, I don't know enough to have an opinion, and the 4th, its complicated), and hinted at substance abuse, but I assured her that I love her anyway. Light banter. She made some jokes about some pretty heavy topics. Not out of character. I went with a I think the way you talk about your problems is very humorous and yet I want you to know that I take them very seriously therefore I'll just laugh a little bit and say LuCy!!!!! ... She told someone at work that she wanted to go in the cowshed but she didn't really want to go in the cowshed, but she did partially want to at least say that she wanted to go in the cowshed in approximately 1 month and 2 days at 7:30 because she wanted someone to think that she wanted to go in the cowshed, when in reality, she just wanted to practise pretending to want to go in the cowshed for when a time came along where she wanted to go in the cowshed. I laughed when she said the word 'practise' and got questioned about it. Couldn't explain myself, was just having a really lovely time. She stinks so right now she's bathing her sorrows away. My belly is stacked full of knock off cookie dough ice cream and I think I might have heartburn. Today's a 7 out of 10.