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2018-03-12 12:12:05 (UTC)

Air Mattress Gone Flat

I could barely get some sleep last night... Like at all so, not only did my air mattress loss air again I almost had the air flat... floor flat... if, that made any sense. My mom believes their could be a hole in my air mattress for the reasoning of my air mattress being flat. Great... Just what we need. And so I decided to lay in my mom's bed and she's headead off to work. And Besides its not like she gave a fuck. I'm her daughter. Gosh. I'm so tired. I didn't get any sleep last night and I didn't go to sleep until, three in the morning or something like that. I've always had trouble sleeping not knowing why. I would always close my eyes and then. BOOM! Nothing. Still no sleep. No rest. I need to see someone about this. A girl needs her sleep. And also besides me being on my phone all night but I can't help it and I know that its become a problem but I can't help it. I need to see someone about that as well. Its been two months since I've stopped using birth control pills. I need to get back on it ASAP. We ended up having sex again last night before he left to go home and only because he wanted to but maybe I wanted to as well but it felt good. But back to this birth control thing I'm seriously not looking forward to getting pregnant especially at the age of 19. I won't probably get pregnant damn till near the end of my 30s. Anyways this is all I have for now. My writing has improved so much better. Somewhat. I mean this is a diary. Nobody's perfect.

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