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2018-03-12 05:18:38 (UTC)

I'm So Not Over Him

Now thst I'm over him. Somewhat. Its time to focus on what's really important.... My boyfriend. He's the reason why I came in the first place. Okay, so maybe he wasn't exactly being the reason for my pbsession with Daniel. Besides him having a girlfriend and it completely ruined everything.... At least for me. Went to church today in his hometown. He didn't looj at me not one but and that is a good thing. I think. One of his other cousin's expects me to smile because he always saying how I'm and I quote " not happy". I'm to happy but their are times when I chose NOT to be happy and Saturday was not that day. Only until his cousin somehow made it better for me. One of the pastor ( the only pastor) had an anniversary so, we stayed for the progrsm and didn't last until, five. We ate and all that good shit. Then, as I was grabbing some fruits and putting them in my cup to go Trevon ( which is 14 btw so don't get any ideas and as I can't lie is pretty cute if I say so myself) looked in the mirror talking about how " fine" he is and I started gigling and turned my head but I swore he said," Look at her smiling." And that made me laugh or, giggle as the other girls would say it even more then, as as I ( I say then a lot) snuck and ate a strawberry from my cup the juicenss ( or whatever how you say it) got all on the side and only on the side of my mouth 👄 so I had to whipe that. That to me was somehow embarrassing. I won't be going next weekend he told me how they didn't have enough or some shit like that and it bothered me. But what made me mad is that he would rather go without me and not ask if I wanted him to stay or him wanting to stay so we can go together the week after next. But its a good thing... I guess... For me so I won't be able to see Erin. Ughhhh!!!! I called him and called him and no answer. I know he's home. He's probably sleep. How do I know if he's even gonna call when he goes to his hometown next weekend. This is bullshit. Fuck it. I'm just gonna stay home and be miserable as hell. My choice my decision. He made me cry Saturday. I hated that his girlfriend tagged along but I'm over it and I'm definitely over him.

Write more as soon as possible


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