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2018-03-10 03:56:35 (UTC)

The Letter

Well,we're here... He's here. Not a suprise their. Still not talking... Him with me at least. I've tried and tried but its just no use... At all. I need to get over this obsession... With him... But I don't know how to... The fact that he's having sex with randomn girls and without a condomn on is just sickening me. He best to hope he doesn't catch an STD. But its not my place to judge. I just hope that he won't find " the letter" the letter that I've written about him... A long one. And besides it being in my bag its not like he wants to read it anyways. He can go fuck as many girls as he wants see to hell if I care. He's single and I'm not. Fuck him. Fuck him. Oh yea and one more thing...FUCK HIM!!!! He's always been the guy I always thought he never never turned out to be... Or something like that. I fell for it. I fell for him. And I was stupid. But not as stupid as he. I fell for the TRAP... .His TRAP. The only reason he's even texted me because od my boyfriend ( his cousin) and even if, I tell him that I " loved" him its not like he feels the same. Because he never knew what love feels like nor will he ever. Go to h*ll you stupid cunt. God please forgive me. He's probably f*cking up some randomn girl as we speak and in any minute he will come through the door and only with his shirt off and no matter how much I enjoy it.. I know him so well.... Good for me..... Oh God, what am I saying??? I'm suppose to HATE him not LIKE him even more. I guess I still have feelings for him. But he does not for me he made that perfectly clear when he almost sabatoge me and my boyfriend's relationship and that's just fine by me. Or me that sabatoged it. Either wat he's much to blame for this as much as me. ( no it isn't ). God what is wrong with me. Every guy I see I easily fall for but lately that only guy has been Daniel. Anyways, everytime I at least talk to him ( my boyfriend) not two but one word comes out lf his mouth but I guess I deserve it the way I treated him by talking to his cousin behind his back but we all make mistakes. But the sh*t makes me mad as f*ck and its like he doesn't care. But near the end of the day he's wanting my attention when I don't say anything at all. I better be lucky that I have him. And I am. No complaints.

Mood: MAD 😠

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