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2018-03-08 05:21:58 (UTC)

A Genuin Conversation

We never seem to have a genuin conversation at least on the phone..... But when we're in person its way different because well... Its in person and a real live conversation. But when we actually talk its only when he goes to bed but only short and sweet. I wanna be able to talk to him even if, its in person and every time I mention it to him he says," I don't wanna talk about this right now." I'm sorry but isn't he the one who said communication is key. Its always TV and/or a game with him. But at least I have him that's a good thing. At least he didn't break up with me and move on to someone else ( which he should've because of the trouble that I've caused) but gladly to know that he didn't or I would've been single and miserable like my mom ( no offense mom). Now I'm having a stomachache and it may or may not be the pizza I'd had eaten for dinner (pizza, sausage,pepperoni and turkey pizza abd 1 1/2 of a breadstick that was suppose to be filled with cheese stuffing dipped in the sauce overall it was good). My eating habits are not lookin so... Well healthy. I hate that I have a large appetite and the problem is is that I can never seem to stop eating. No wonder I weigh 183.3 pounds and its even sadder because I'm only 5'4. People say thick. I say I'm fat. Because I feel fat. Sometimes I just wanna cry every once in a while because I stress eat so much. My mom is constantly onto me about a job. And I still haven't taken my ACT yet and I just wanna be in college. I heard the foods better. I need to stop stressing out over small things and the worst part is that I'm sensitive. And I absolutely but I can't help it its a part of who I am. God made me this way.

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