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2018-03-07 18:15:39 (UTC)

My Stalker of an Ex Boyfriend

We dated for a few months or so then he broke up with me to go back out with this girl who I thought was to be my friend but turned out wasn't my friend at all. That day when we broke up it broke my heart when I saw him walking with her with him saying that they were planning on getting together. I hated her every since the situation and what's even worse was that she rode the same bus that I was riding on and no only did we sit next to each other but never said a thing you each other. That day when I slapped him in the lunch room something was bound to happen. Then, I started to date this other guy from a different state ( long distance) then we lasted only three years long. My ex that broke up with me to go back out with her and realized it was a huge mistake to do so broke up with her to try to go back out with me but never did I. He started coming by my fifth period class and gave me this letter that I told my boyfriend about n he told me to throw ot away and so I did and tore it up. He asked if I read the letter I lied and said I did ( which was a bad thing to do I know but this is my stalker we're talking about... My ex stalker). He would even try to come by my house/apartment that I use to stay in and in the middle of the night and would text my boyfriend telling him that he was " checking on me" and my boyfriend didn't believe me not one bit. He was trying everything to get back together with me he would even text my mom to see how she was doing... To see how I was doing. It was really freaking me out. I blocked his phone number,Facebook page, messenger ect... But somehow he would always get a hold to my boyfriend from messenger. He almost exposed me. He had his two friends on it and one that I thought to swear liked me but it was just a trap. He and his two friends was all in a group that I use to be in the would only talk about anime shit*t so I acted like I knew and didn't care. I moved to this table with a group of girls but never had an interest into talking to me and I heard one say something about me under her breath because she gave me this dirty look and so I moved from that group to a table to myself. I honestly never fitted in high school. I was the shy type. Still am. Guys would only want me for sex or would just plain out right play me. But as soon as I get with someone else they would want to get back with me. The one girl I call my bully Mackenly she called me a bitch and every other nasty word you could thing of just because I was with her ex boyfriend at the time and she even told me to me to kill myself at the time and that I wanted to do. I got bullied at my old school Lee because of this one gay kid that would constantly pick on me and I would cut and cut on my arm until they showed and I would hide it not until the day my mother found out. And I didn't go to school for the rest of that day and I ended up switching over to JD but that turned out to be a nothing. I got in this one fight because this girl kept flirting with my boyfriend ( ex) asking if he had a girlfriend right in front of me then I called her a b*tech and the next thing you know things got heated. They told lies to the police officers and partially to my family that were also involved with the situation. Took my phone even tried to log into my Facebook Account when I tried to log back in. They all suffered the consequences and they moved eventually months later. That day when I saw her in the store with her mom whilst I was trying on clothes that can actually fit me. I told my mom that I saw the girl that fought me she wasn't listening never have. She just flats out ignore me. I'm not sure if I even want to go to my high school reunion. High school was a big pain in my a**. I wasn't popular. I cared about what other people thought of me. Been picked on relentlessly and only because I was shy and never considered anyone my friends. Im an introvert for heaven sake. I've almost been hit by my stalker ex or abused. But luckily got out of that relationship. The three year long distance relationship didn't last. He was controlling kept telling me who and who not to text wanted to know what I was doing and everything kept texting when I was busy and told my mom that we had sex in my room. All because I broke up with him. This one guy just used me for sex but would never talk to me in person. He is blocked. The girl that bullied me apologized is now blocked and still will be and also her boyfriend that are they back together. They deserve each other. Erin used me for sex. Told my boyfriend that I was texting him told his mom and his sister and we're not talking nor texting. I still got to his hometown but never have we ever talked. And honestly I don't care. He can fuck as many girls as he want. Ethan stopped talking to me because I have a boyfriend and that I don't give a fuck about. Another night of pizza just because my mom doesn't feel like cooking but this time its free and the last time they handed us the pizza it was an hour long and cold when it arrived. My life just sucks all in one. I have a great boyfriend and God. He calls me beautiful. Something that other guys didn't because he's not like other guys... He's himself. And that's what I like about him. We're five months now going on six as of next month. Most of the people and my ex's that have treated me wrong have been forgotten and are I blocked. And I couldn't be happier. I honestly don't care about anyone feeling bad for me.
Theirs a reason I call myself The Forgotten One.

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The Forgotten one