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2018-03-06 12:17:17 (UTC)

Daughters School fees

Even though i have made my position very clear, my ex puts my name down for my daughters new school (starting in September) which will make both of us jointly liable for the fees. So the same pattern of both of us writing to the schools with conflicting information (which we currently do) will continue. I have made the new school know that I will not be signing any letter because that would mean I will have the school and the child maintenance asking me for payments which by law I have to pay, these payments, will mean I will not be able to pay off my own rent and monthly bills. I have explained this several times to my ex but it is like talking to a brick wall. She has got a 30% discount from the school and I have told her I will pay her half the fees but nothing more (in fees and maintenance) as this is all i can afford. She earns double what I earn and has hundred of thousands in savings while I have nothing but debts. I really dont know what she is after.