Do Not Disturb

2018-03-05 19:31:21 (UTC)

Happy birthday

You always stare at me everytime you're around. Do you think of me the way that I think of you??? Probably not. Today's your birthday. I sent you a Happy Birthday text but not one did you respond to even say thank you. You're party is this weekend but I'm surely to go. The only reason to go is to see you. My mom suggested me on not going but its my decision. She can't expect this to go on forever. I have to face you one way or another. You tried having sex with another girl that was to scared to even have sex with you. I told you that you deserved it you got mad and told me to shut up and leave you alone. I'm trying to talk to you but you won't let me. All you say is," Don't talk to me." I know what I did was wrong but part of this was yours to blame and when you and my boyfriend went fishing you stared at me when I stored off because I got mad at you. Its always been you. You always been with us and even when I liked it at the most. I understand if you don't wanna talk to me anymore because of it. You just won't listen to me anyways. You made me cry. You don't care. You just keep looking at me. You call yourself a " thug". I call you as a guy who's afraid to say what he really feels... At leadt about me... But do you think about me. We've been through so much and I know you hate me. You told your mom and your sister. Now I know they hate me to or dislike me. When I saw you and you're mom at the little family meeting I was terrified. Terrified of what she was gonna say because of what happened. I still wanna go to his hometown. I wanna figure things out. I wanna work things out and I will but I know things needed to be taking time with. We will be going up their Friday night because my boyfriend is off on Fridays now. The more I'm with him the more I think of you and the whole situation and it just hurts. I'm so stupid for even telling you that I like you. I fell in your trap. You played me. And when you told my boyfriend and tour mom and sister it hurted even worse. You wanted sex from me and after that you never talked to me again. I don't know if you ever will see this... But Happy Birthday... And I'm sorry... I'm really am. I feel so guilty about this so guilty enough that I don't even feel like eating for the rest of the day.I wanna see you again but knowing that you will treat me like shit because of what had happened. I can't take this anymore. I cry more and more every time I think of it because I end up thinking of you. I just want all this to blow over. God please let all of this blow over.

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The Forgotten One

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