Do Not Disturb

2018-03-05 03:16:08 (UTC)


My boyfriend cousin Aliyah is the sweetest thing yet she reminds me of my little sister both goofy and yet silly. Even though its considered the same thing or,so I think.... I guess we may never know. But I can definitely see her as my other sister and she even gave me a hug before she left... Little other sitter. So,instead of going to Erin church we will be going to his aunt's church instead ( which he wasn't ready for because one of his family members got buried and was also really close to) and I quote " hometown" that I have never been to because I'm so use to going to Erin church in the morning and so I could stare at him all day while as he plays guitar. Isn't their anything the boy can't do? Besides track,football,sings and plays guitar. Oh my,lord but unfortunately he's the type of guy that uses girls and by uses I mean... Sex use... And that he indeed used me for and that to think he would actually like me but I was wrong... That's why his a** didn't get none last night. Because he's to busy going around f*cking other but hey who am I told judge about his life. I hope he stays single for the rest of his life and grow old but ... ALONE!!! I told him actually I texted him "That's why he never got any" and he got mad and told me to shut the fuck up and to stop texting him and that's only because he knows it's true. I believe I pissed him off. Eh... I wanted too. I hate him... I hate him... Ughhhh!!!... No matter how many times that I'm saying this it only makes me think of him more. I'm never in the mood.... Especially when he's around. So,if he wanna be a BITCH about the whole situation then I told will be a BITCH about the whole situation and if he doesn't give a fuck about the whole situation then I told will not give a fuck about the whole situation ... There's a little thing I like to call REVENGE.... Oh sweet sweet sweet revenge how you never disappoint me and make me happy and now I just have to think about it . As he sat down at the table by the river at the fishing doc looked onto him with a teary eyed," Just do me a favor and leave me alone because you seem to be doing a great job at that." I said while stuttering not knowing what to say because I was hurt by the words.. Not words text... And that which was " Bruh stfu and stay out of my dms." Not knowing that if,he did not care about the whole situation and by the looks of it he never did and if he did he wouldn't did what he did and he done it... He's just like what you see in every other guy and that is only one word to describe him... Well,actually two... Womanizer ( btw I thought of the title while watching one of glee hit song womanizer)... Fuck boy. It goes well for a guy who's a football ,runs track,and sings all in one. Oh did I mention how he's a huge lady's men and a real pain in the a**. But never did he ever care for that... Soooo... Why should I??? I FUCKING HATE HIM. Might as well write in on all and I mean all of my diary pages....

Reasons why I hate Erin:

1). He told my boyfriend what happened after what happened ( except us having sex and just the me talking to him and telling him that I like him) after he promised.. I guess some people cant be TRUSTED and I trusted him and I regret it and never have he once mentioned hoe good or bad the second was slow he used me and went on to trying or is fucking some random girl that he probably just met or is talking to and he will keep using them until he finds the "right one" and that I doubt will ever happen.
2). Womanizer
3). Player
4). Lady's Men
5) . Never Cared
6). Doesn't care
7). I HATE HIM!!!
8). I hate seeing him
9). I hate everything about him

10). Even though I could possibly be in love with him but he doesn't know what LOVE is anyways and never will. I just wanna go home and go just forget this day has ever happened. And to also forget about him. And to not just see him for a while. And to just forget about him Ughhhh!!! I need to forget about him but how... Nothing seems to be working. I'm still thinking about texting him. I'm still thinking about texting him... But I'm not. And I'm not going to. He told me to stop texting him and he means that so I will NOT text him. And also he's having party this Saturday because tomorrow is his birthday idk I he will respond or not if I tell him happy birthday. All he is gonna say is Thank you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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