Do Not Disturb

2018-03-03 15:43:40 (UTC)

Not So Good Day

Today didn't go so well and it was all because of me. Me... Me.... Me....Me... I let it happen and everything happened. He was trying to have sex with another girl... A different girl... How do I know you may ask???.... Because I was their when the whole thing happened. I mean the guy goes to church. He did all the things and while being in front of me and I had a 30 minutes crying session. It hurts so much and here I am thinking that he is to be " different" but I was wrong... Oh how I was oh so wrong. That my friend is what I call a fuck boy. I never tried talking to him about the whole situation but he wouldn't budget he just kept putting it out their of how he and I quote " change". I just thought he would at least think twice... TWICE... For what he's done to me. But I guess that I was and I will always be wrong. But I was right about one thing... Fuck boy. Because he is and always will be one. I just wish he can see it from my point of view. But I'm guessing that will never happen until he actually see. But in the mean time not so sure.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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