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2018-03-02 21:59:29 (UTC)

Stupid EX

So. I got another text from my ex again. She is asking me for the DNA test for the boy. We already know she was screwing someone on the side and that it's his. Now she says she wants a copy of the DNA test I took so that "they" will not come after me for child support and benefits. I swear, the ex is like a stubborn carpet stain that always seem to come back out.

First of all, the DNA test I took was for me to confirm if the kiddo was mine or not. He isn't. I knew for sure something the ex already knew. Anyway, whomever "they" are won't take my DNA test as viable proof. It has to be done at a place that will confirm the samples taken and make sure it was not compromised. Fucking EX!!!

So part of me thinks the ex is just giving me shit because I have a girlfriend now and the ex is jealous. Mind you, the ex is married to that dude she was having an affair with. He isn't the bio Dad. He is the 2nd person my ex was fucking. The other part of me think maybe the EX is filing for some kind of support from the State. That may be possible. She may be trying to get benefits for the kiddo and the State aka: "they" are wanting to get me to support the kiddo. Maybe anyway. It's just that the EX lies so much that knowing the truth with her is impossible.

So I finally found the DNA report and sent her a soft copy. I was worried a couple days ago and I now may have to face the bullshit of a legal battle that won't be cheap. Then I got to get a grip on life and calmed down. No sense letting the ex get on my nerves and effecting me negatively. Not the way I want to live no sir.

So it's her move now. If I get something in the mail, so be it. If not, then good. I just now know I won't let it stress me out. It just takes me awhile to see the bigger picture in life sometimes. :)

Oh yeah, I'm still with my girlfriend. We are doing pretty good actually. We discuss things when we feel uncomfortable with something. We've been together for one 5 months now and we've never had a heated argument or yelled at each other ever. So far so good. Sex with her is fantastic!!! Can't really lay out any details but I can say I have no complaints and she for sure has none also. We match each other financially, sexually, and personally. I'm happy because these are the three major issues that come up in a relationship.

Till next time, thanks again Diary for letting me vent. Still good therapy for relaxing and reflecting.

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