Do Not Disturb

2018-03-01 22:45:29 (UTC)

My Weakness

My Weakness is a wait for it.. An Oreo Mcflurry... I know crazy right. Everyone has it and by everyone I mean me. I wanna cut.... But I can't... I wanna scream off of the top of my lungs... But I can't.... Did I mention how bad I wanna cut? We had sex... The best kind of sex... Makeup sex. It felt... Good.... AMAZING... As always. Skipped breakfast and lunch. Didn't feel like eating. Never have... Never will... Except for the McDonald's that I will be having for dinner because my mom does not feel like cooking... At ALL... I asked for an Oreo Mcflurry and she said.. Yes... As you may know is one of my weaknesses yet again... And I could use some ice cream right about now. It would really help...right about now. To you know at least get everything off my mind. It works. Trust me. But only small amounts because every time I eat I feel even fatter than, I am now. Most may say "thick". I say I'm FAT!!!! Its bad enough that I have to see him this weekend but one day of suffering is good enough for me. Something about a track meet... Not like I care. And you wanna know what sickens me he was the one who asked about the messages in the first place... He as in my boyfriend... The secret was gonna come out sooner or later. I also read how he was gonna block me but I blocked him before he even had the chance... I mean its not like he gave a fuck soooo... Why should I ? Still wanting to cry. You know just to get everything off my chest. Might as well be sensitive for the rest of my life since I cant get anything right and because I am and always will be... Sensitive...I will always be " in my feelings"... No fun... No nothing. You want me depressed all my life. Part of me already is. Someone once said," Never judge a book by its cover." But apparently me did... Got judged... By her appearance... I don't belong here. I don't belong anywhere. At least for now and if anyone finds you and read you... I will.. DIE!!! WOW! Dramatic much. This just turned from happy to sad. # Real Quick.... No one cares. No one ever did. Never have I ever once seen that happen. Not at least once. I make the simplest mistakes. Except for.. God.. Other than that... No one.. Whatsoever...
What kind of messed up world are we living in??? None of this was happening until we voted Donald Asshole Trump as our president.

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The Forgotten One

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