Do Not Disturb

2018-02-28 05:24:43 (UTC)

I've been Set Up

I did the stupudest thing and now he knows. Erin set me up and I fell in his trap. My boyfriend knows about me texting him. I feel like I don't wanna be here anymore because of the stupid decisions that I make. I feel fat. I feel useless. And the worst part is is that most of his family knows and we're going up to his home town this weekend. I'm just not gonna say anything for the rest of the ride their and back just block everyone out with my music except for my boyfriend. I'm so stupid he freaking set me up. Its a setup....ugghhhh!!!! Whats wrong with me??? I really don't feel like being here anymore and I'm trying not to do annything stupid because my mama said if I did then she was gonnq send me off somewhere and put me on medicine if I do. He was part of this as well. And its my fault for falling him. My fault for telling him that I liked him. Now I'm just not gonna have Facebook because of him because of everything I've been through. I finally have the right guy and I blew it and by texting his cousin and he screenshotted it to him. And he told half of his family that he sent me up and showed messages. I really don't wanna be here anymore. I know he won't call me tonight or answer my text so Ima just gonna let him have at it and calm down and think about it. I thought he was gonna break up with me he said he wasn't but I have a gut feeling that he will. He could've just left me but he didn't. I hate myself. What was I even thinking? How do I gain his trust back again???? I'm crying. I really hate what I did. I knew he was gonna know sooner or later and he knows. I don't wanna hurt him but he is hurt snd because of me. Hr gave me a promise ring for a reason. And for some reason I messed it up. God please please please I want him to trust me again. I want everything to blow over. I don't wanna see his face again. I hate myself for doing such a thing. As I was picking up the broken glass that broke on the floor my mom says," Don't cut yourself." And you wanna know what I said as I was picking up the pieces," What if I want to?" But I said in my head so no one could here but me. Talk about worst day ever. I need some sleep. This is enough writing for today. I don't even think I wanna write or do anything anymore just be stuck in my room for the rest of my life. Seems like a perfect plan to me. I screwed up and BIG TIME.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One 😟😟😟😟😟😟

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