Do Not Disturb

2018-02-24 03:26:01 (UTC)


Erinn sister over here bitching about who took her cover and assuming that me and him hunching and sh*t and her a** wasn't even here last night so, she can't say nun. Erin suggested me on letting him finger me and by finger I mean my p*ssy. I feel like I'm cheating on him even when Erin says I'm not. I just feel like I am. I wish I haven't told him that I liked him in the first place and he says that he kinda sorta likes me. I don't know why I let him finger me.... It just felt so good then, I got wet and he told me he got hard. But we did not... I repeat DID NOT... f*ck. He's just so fucking irresistible. Why??? Why??? Why???? And its even worse when their together.... And with me to be included.... But I never knew what he meant when he texted me " Don't say nun when you're feelings get hurt".... I never knew what he meant by that. I should ask. I feel like he's using me because he only wants me just to you know touch up on me but then again he said that's not the reason at all. I don't believe him... We'll, just see what happens but I have a BOYFRIEND. BOYFRIEND. BOYFRIEND. Hungry... Cranky... FOOD!!! Erin suggested that we go further. I told him I'm not so sure of that. And besides even if, I was his girlfriend instead of Ray.. Would it even work out? I mean. Why does he even " sorta like me"? I'm tired... You don't have to do anything to be tired. My boyfriend told me that. I also told Erin that I wrote about him that no one was gonna read it ( my writing journal). Even though James sees me everyday he doesn't check up on me like he does with his "cousin" ???... I went and deleted most of the girls that he's so called " friends" with and when I told him he grabbed his phone and into the back of his pocket it went. Ughhh!!!! Who knows how long we have been at this fishing 🐟 place out here. I can't trust Erin still. No one knows how many hoes he's texting sending nudity pictures and shit like that. I just don't know if, he truly honestly likes me. Its not like the guy gonna kiss me anyways. No matter how much I would enjoy it... Him and I both know that he won't. Its 5:42 PM and their still here. Even when the siren went off for them letting them know that the place is about to close. I'M SO BORED!!! With a capital...B!!!! Because that's what it stands for. Of coarse it does... Idiot. I'm even getting bored with my own thoughts. All I told him was that it was time to go and the lady that worked their said the exact same thing and he tells me to chill out. Also yesterday he said that I was a tad hit controlling. I am not controlling. It may sound like I am but really I am not. I'm not trying to be.. Ughhh!!!! Talk about worst girlfriend ever. I'm just very cranky at the moment because I haven't eaten all day. Nothing but chips ( doritos), a drink ( coca cola), sour straws ( rainbow one), xtream airheads, and a Di Pickle that wasn't even good... AT ALL!!! It seems like all he ever wanna do is to go fishing but when I'm on my phone... Its a problem. Even when I was texting a certain some one and that certain someone was to be name Erin. I don't even know shy he even want to do this in the first place. I would ask... Just to see what his response is but as of now it seems to be that sex os the only and I repeat ONLY thing on his mind and that's just every guy. Except my guy. PERIOD!!!! I told him that I was mad at him and he didn't even care he just shrugged his shoulders and said," So." that's how I know he's using me because if,he didn't he would've responded with at least a why or something. I wanna cry. I need to cry but I can't. Because I'm and always will be "sensitive". Like I said before.. FUCKBOY ALERT!!!! I always ruin everything. At least that's what Tyric's been telling me. I'm always in a bad mood. I'm never almost EVER happy. He wants nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING but sex from me and I let him touch me. I'm so stupid. I'm this... I'm that.. . It would be best if,I just stay out of both of their way. I'm to sensitive. I'm always in my feelings. I mean I'm a girl... Am I not suppose to be in my feelings??? This is why I can never see my telling anyone how I feel do instead I write it down. Somebody needs to put Tyric in his misery and by somebody I mean me. He's exactly the type of guy I thought he was.... FUCKBOY... FUCKBOY... FUCKBOY... I don't know why I fell head over hills with him anyways... Oh right,because I was in love with him. Stupid idiot. Brat you.

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The Forgotten One

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