Do Not Disturb

2018-02-24 17:59:04 (UTC)

Morning Thoughts

The wifi people ( and by people I mean one) got here earlier than, I expected them to be and I was halfway naked with nothing but shorts qnd a tanktop with the number 49 on it so I switched over to some pajama christmasy pants ( even its not as clearly as close to Christmas) with snow flakes ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ on them and my favorite shirt of all time that my brother somehow decided to give to me as of last year. I guess he does have a heart. He just doesn't want to admit it. No matter how fat I look in this shirt ( or "thick" as some may preffer it which I don't see) I just love the idea of having it on. Theirs a lot of fixing and cleaning that needs to be done around the house before I go anywhere. The floor from my room needs serious mopping. I wish they had all this done before we even moved in instead of us having to do their dirty eork and it just made me feel sick to my stomach whenever I see somethint as gross as dead cockroaches. Yep... You heard em' right... Dead... Cockroaches. I think I've become obsessed with Tyric or some may say it " falling in love" but that can't be because no matter how much I talk about him more than, I ever did with my boyfriend even though his answer was clearly a NO!!!! When I asked if, he liked me or,not. I knew I was annoying. To him at least. I did the stupidest thing and screenshot some of my entries that I've written on here about him and I sent it to him hoping that he would read. He told me thay he will but I doubt it. I think I have a new favorite show... " Being Mary Jane"..... I finished the last two episodes of season one last night. Its a really good show and yes its on Netfkix. Oh,and I'm also a fan of this show that is currently on Hulu called " Grownish". That's my shit. Lol! Even the most stuff I can relate too. I've started re-watching the serious of " Awkward" as well.

Here's a list of shows that I'm currently loving at the moment:

1). Grownish
2). Being Mary Jane
3). Awkward
4). The Vampire Diaries ( re-watching)
5). Jane the Virgin
6). Friends
7). That 70's Show
8). Loosly Exactly Nicole ( only occurs on Facebook... New show every Wedensday).
9). Degrassi
10). Fuller House

I binge watch on every show that I myself like to enjoy. Once I see a show that airs on Netflix I add it to my list. My mom finally suggested on me going to talk to domebody and by somebody I mean a therapist. We finally agree on something that I want to do for once.

So, it is currently 9:57 PM as I'm writing this and and just so as I thought he acts as if, nothing happenes... At least between us. I mean I loikes over to see him texting somw other girl and its probably the same girl that he was fucking. I mean who knows they could probably be dating. He could have a girlfriend by now but he says he doesn't. I don't believe him.

3:24 AM- Okay, so Erin does like me. He says sorta kinda. What does that even mean??? I mean is that a yes... Or a no... He put my hands toward his d*ck when we wenr upstairs in the kitchen to put a bowl up because we had noodles and he came towards me and I felt all nervous inside. I feel so guilty. I mean I don't wanna feel like I'm cheating on him and it feels like I am... I don't know what to do.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One