deanne and Connor

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2018-02-23 18:08:32 (UTC)

Belated task report

i am so sorry for the delay writing this. It was an incredibly busy week for me.

So i completed my task last Sunday night, though admittedly he initiated it. i had bathed and climbed into bed a little early. He was finishing a show on tv and joined me in bed a little bit later. i had drifted off until he crawled in and snuggled up to me. Obviously he wanted it because his hand was running up and down my lower back and ass until i turned my head and peered at him. (and yes, i smiled.....).

His rubbing lead to some petting below the waist and between my legs (i was laying on my tummy). He managed to work me to a bit of wet frenzy and wasted no time just mounting me from behind between my legs. His hands roamed my shoulders for support as he rocked in and out and i had no trouble thinking of YOUR hands on me as he fucked me.....his lower abdomen pressing against my ass as i subtly rocked my pelvis up against him as he thrust in and downward. i slid my left arm down underneath and let a finger begin rubbing my clit under his cock and in a few minutes just as i began to cum he squirted inside me.

He laid beside me with his hard sticky cock poking me in the side as we cuddled and kissed a bit before drifting off.
And that, Master, was #3.
ps....i HOPE to be here tomorrow (Saturday) though possibly not as early as please hang around!